This workshop will explore the key elements of differentiation and how they can be applied to teaching, learning and assessment strategies within Number and Algebra. Participants will have the opportunity for discussion and to collaborate with their peers, engage in activities and explore strategies that they will be able to take back to their classrooms to use with their students.

In this K–6 hands-on workshop teachers will:

  • broaden their repertoire of teaching strategies so that they can differentiate the curriculum for the students within their class;
  • develop engaging activities within Number and Algebra that deepen student understanding of key concepts in mathematics;
  • recognise and design assessment for learning activities that reveal areas of individual strengths and weaknesses;
  • plan lesson sequences that address individual learning needs and engage students of varying abilities in their class.

Participants in this course will work with MANSW’s K-8 Professional Learning Consultant who will facilitate discussion, link research to practical classroom activities and engage participants in activities that can be used in the classroom.

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