This full day K–6 professional learning workshop focuses on using student data, work samples and prior teaching programs to guide planning for future teaching and learning. When planning what to teach next in mathematics it is important to start with the syllabus and start with what our students know, making connections within the syllabus and also to the students and their lives.

Starting with the end in mind, teachers will then backward map the mathematics concepts and how they can be addressed in the classroom. Teachers will then spend time creating the framework of their mathematics program.

Teachers will spend the day planning the overarching mathematical concepts to teach and making connections across these concepts. Using student data and work samples (teachers will need to bring this with them), we will analyse the data looking for any misconceptions and areas of focus.

This workshop will be very hands on and will be a great day to start planning for mathematics for the following term ahead. Teachers will need to bring along a copy of the NSW Mathematics K-6 syllabus, previous term’s program, student data and student work samples.

Participants in this course will work with Katherin Cartwright. Katherin is currently the Mathematics Advisor K–6 for the NSW Department of Education.

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