Focus and content of the sessions 3 X 2hrs – participants in the course will learn the knowledge and skills needed to guide their K-6 students toward being fully prepared year 7 science, using correct term, concepts, scientific technique and language. They will see demonstration lessons using every day, cheap and easily obtainable resources.

Session one

  • Introduction of presenter and evaluation of needs courses’ participants for the implementation of Science and Technology syllabus for the Australian curriculum.
  • Explanation of term “investigation” (learning processes, skills) at it relates to students entering high school, with particular emphasis on technical specialist terms in the syllabus.
  • Incorporating learning activities to teach the values and attitudes of K–6 syllabus such as perseverance, honesty, working co-operatively, and the values and attitudes towards science and technology on the teaching of science K–6 and beyond.
  • Presentation of examples of lessons which are hands-on and engaging, using easily obtained resources such as plants, insects and seeds to demonstrate the content area Living Things
  • Explanation of main scientific concepts introduced in K–6 syllabus and where they connect to content year 7 students will need to successfully start high school.
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