This one day course will support your school’s strategic numeracy plan by guiding executive and teaching staff through activities to analyse and identify key skills and concepts to support student learning outcomes and will build leadership capacity for school improvement. Participants will review NAPLAN data and will make an analysis of students’ skills and identification of the level of numeracy skills and demands within syllabus content. Be guided through understanding the data presented in NAPLAN and build a presentation to report on their data findings for school executive and staff. If time permits, participants will reflect on and commence a plan for explicit teaching of numeracy skills needed within your school to support gaps in learning between students’ numeracy skills and syllabus numeracy demands.

This process involves:

  • Using NAPLAN ‘SMART’ data to identify students existing numeracy skills
  • Using NAPLAN ‘SMART’ data to identify numeracy skills required by students to engage successfully with curriculum content
  • Using NAPLAN ‘SMART’ data to identify planning of the explicit teaching of the required numeracy skills to bridge the gap.
  • Using templates provided to analyse data and collate presentation for school executive and staff.

Participants in this course will work with MANSW’s K–8 Professional Learning Consultant who will facilitate discussion, link research for strategic planning, and the importance of school data analysis and planning to promote change and improve student learning.

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